Global Banking Privileges


With you wherever you go

A global banking solution for today's global citizen. Make complimentary, instant global funds transfers to overseas Citi accounts online with Citibank® Global transfer1.

With you wherever you go
With you wherever you go
Manage your global banking relationships with Citi's Global View of Accounts2
With our worldwide network of over 2,700 Citibank branches, 340 Citigold® Centres and 13,000 ATMs in 20 countries - plus round-the-clock services such as Citibank Online and Citi Mobile, your Citi is always near you
Wherever you may be, get help with your banking via our dedicated 24-hour Toll-Free Home Connect at 800-2484-2633800-2484-2633 or (800-CITI-CODE)3; home talk time charges apply
  1. Applicable to handling fees incurred by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited and/ or Citibank, N.A. only. For incoming fund transfers from overseas Citibank branches, please refer to each originating country's fees and charges.

    This service is only applicable to clients of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited and/ or Citibank, N.A. Transaction screening may apply, this may lead to the delay of the transaction.

    If the transaction involves currency conversion, the "Citibank Global Transfer" transaction page in "Citibank Online" will display the exchange rate on such currency conversion to get client's confirmation. Clients should understand that for certain currencies, they can choose to complete the foreign exchange before transfer whereby the applicable exchange rate may be different from or lower than the rate display in the "Citibank Global Transfer" transaction page.

  2. Global View of Accounts is a service under Citibank Global Banking that provides Citibank clients with an online view-only summary of their multi-country Citibank accounts from their home country. Through Global View of Accounts, a client's internet home page in their home country will provide a view-only account summary for each country registered where the client has a Citibank banking relationship. The client can then further launch the internet banking session of any other registered country with a single click and through the provision of his logon credentials of that respective country, perform banking activities in that country.
    • There may be some restrictions on the accessibility of the Citigold Connect number: (i) when you use mobile phone, payphone, and hotel phone. (ii) depending upon which part of the country you are calling from.
    • In some regions, the phone lines need to be registered for international dialing.
    • You may be charged in case you access the Global Toll-free number from hotel phones. Please confirm with the hotel prior to accessing.
    • You may be charged for domestic line usage when you use mobile phone to access the Global Toll-free Call Home Hotline. The free Global Toll-free Call Home Hotline service is only applicable to calls made by fixed telephone lines connected to the specified service provider.
    • This service is only applicable to Citigold Private Clients and Citigold clients.


The Citigold Experience Worldwide

Whether it is for business or pleasure, our network helps take care of all your global banking needs. Enjoy the same Citigold privileges and exclusive services that you do at home when you travel.

The Citigold Experience Worldwide
The Citigold Experience Worldwide
Enjoy no fees on cash withdrawals1 at over 13,000 Citibank ATMs and access to Citigold Centres around the world.
Need emergency cash? Choose from over 300 Citigold Centres in selected countries to withdraw up to USD 10,000 fee-free from your account.
Enjoy attractive deals at hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions across the planet with Citi World Privileges.
  1. Applicable to overseas cash withdrawal from Citibank and non-Citibank ATMs by clients of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited and/ or Citibank, N.A. Waiver limited to handling charge incurred by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited and/ or Citibank, N.A. For transactions effected in currencies other than Hong Kong dollars, the amount withdrawn will be converted into Hong Kong dollars at the prevailing exchange rate plus a conversion spread as determined by the Bank on the conversion day and debited from your account together with any charges that may be imposed by the respective ATM network provider (if any).